Defence minister in helicopter incident

Minister for defence brushes off bad niqab day

It’s not every day that the minister for defence, Heba Qureshi, is seen in public without her trademark niqab. In fact, as far as the general public is concerned Heba Qureshi has never been seen in public without niqab. That changed briefly however during an incident at the frontier airforce base during a scheduled stress test for the new generation helicopters.

Damage to the helicopter was significant.

While details are limited and the minister is remaining tight lipped, reports indicate that the minister was inspecting the production of a new prototype helicopter when one of the helicopters suffered an unexpected catastrophic structural failure and crashed close to the ministers viewing platform.

While the government refuses to confirm the ordeal, an unnamed source has told the Daily Khilafa that the Minister is responsible for saving the lives of both pilots in what could have been a tragedy were it not for her quick response.

I was quite far from the incident but saw it clearly as it unfolded and believe people ought to know how the minister acted. With no thought about her own safety, the minister rushed to the crash site and through burning flames managed to extract one of the pilots to safely. Despite the dangerous situation she placed herself in, and the fact that parts of her clothing had burned off, the minister then returned to pull the second pilot to safety before leaving the scene without calling any attention to herself.

ad2d2This is the second time the Minister for Defence has been directly praised by defence force personnel for her hands on involvement in ensuring members are safe and adequately supported.

Heba Qureshi, Minister for Defence in her trademark camouflage blue niqab.

Despite the initial outcry by conservative members of the government for nominating a woman as Minister for Defence, Heba Qureshi has not only won over the conservative government members but also the individuals within the defence force who recognise her not only as an individual with their interests at heart but also a fellow soldier (based off her involvement and sacrifice during the pre-reunification civil war).

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