Persecution of Muslims in former United States bloc continues to escalate

Reports of intimidation and persecution of Muslims are on the rise in the formerly United States of north America.

While many Muslims have made the journey back to the Khilafa, thousands continue to stay behind due to a variety of personal, political and economical reasons. While the Khilafa calls for their protection and freedoms, many states, particularly in what was historically known as the bible belt, have lost all pre-tense when it comes to mistreating muslims.

With crippling foreign debt, poor education standards and constant infighting between members of the two major tribes (Republicanists and Democrats), the fall from a once great superpower has been nothing short of spectacular. Chaos has completely overtaken the region with three new independent unions and a handful of independent states now vying for control, autonomy and access to lucrative Erbium deposits that have recently been discovered.

The Capitol building continues to undergo repairs following three separate acts of arson by southern separatists calling for the return of the southern confederacy.

In response to growing political uncertainty in the region racially motivated violence has increased, with a spike in the number of reported attacks against minorities. This has been spurned by the constant drone by shock jocks such as Sean Berk who call for a return to core American values:

Americans need to wake up, look in the mirror and decide whether they want to watch their country be taken over by vermin who don’t deserve what we’ve created, or whether we take back what God promised was ours and make America the proud land that it once was.

The general disintegration of the United States bloc is not entirely problematic for all however. The First Peoples Union (FPU) has used this unprecedented opportunity to secede from the former bloc, taking with it large areas of prime parkland and other geographically important areas for indigenous people. Henry Red Cloud, southern regional member for the FPU has called recent events “a long overdue reckoning”.

It’s not necessarily their fault, but were finally getting our land back after their fathers and their fathers fathers stole it from us. We’ve endured generations of torment at their hands so they’ll have to forgive us if we’re in no hurry to help them sort out their mess.

In the meantime the Khilafa has made financial services available for all individuals trapped in the region who want to move home. Interested parties should contact their local mosque to make arrangements.

Reuther Montgomery, president of the Central American Plains, surveying the territory of his self-declared sovereign state.


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