Man dead after ‘lightsabre’ incident in Mindanao

One man dead, six seriously injured as
community grapples with devastating hobby turned horror

A man has died while six others are currently receiving live saving treatment at the Aleem Said Ahmad Basher Hospital following an explosion in Mindanao, Philippines. While details remain unclear, preliminary findings indicate the incident was the result of a failed attempt to create a lightsabre, a fictional weapon made popular in the 20th century. The women allegedly responsible, who’s name is protected due to her age, is currently undergoing surgery but is expected to make a full recovery. Though investigators are quick to reiterate that the exact cause is unknown, witnesses at the scene reported seeing the lightsabre semi-functional seconds before detonating. Unfortunately, this is the 13th incident fatality this year that is a direct result of people trying to recreate technology from science fiction films and books. Yaq’ub Kent from the Yahya Maun’ash Institute is a philosopher and a leading expert on pre-modern stories and has followed this growing trend closely:

While technology has grown at an unprecedented rate, many people are still eager to see things they grew up watching come to life. In some cases, particularly impatient or ambitious people can attempt to create new hardware and technology themselves. Often this is harmless but now and then someone gets a little too excited and accidentally blows up half their neighborhood. Last year it was the hover board that caught on fire, six months ago we had the “portal gun” radiation leak that caused two suburbs to evacuate and now unfortunately it seems Star Wars, an antiquated film from the late twentieth century, has caused this tragedy.

Surgeries continued late into the night as newly installed robots were used for the first time in Mindanao.
Surgeries continued late into the night as newly installed robots were used for the first time.

Though lightsabres are still in the realm of science fiction, a proof of principle device was recently revealed at the highly secure Al-Qaqa Military Laboratory, though scientists went to great lengths to emphasise the inherent danger of the device and its intrinsically unstable power supply.
Fuqaha, Qudaah and Muftun from around the region have been working to understand this phenomenon and develop strategies and legal principles to protect citizens effected by this modern dilemma. Hadjah Shafi is a Qadi in Mindanao working with investigators as they piece together the events that took place yesterday. She spoke briefly after Isha last night relaying some of the issues that needed to be addressed:

This is a complex case for everyone involved. On one hand you have the deceased and their family who are grieving and coming to terms with this shocking event. You also have a number of people undergoing treatment in hospital who are still in a bad way and in need of everyones dua, and lastly you have the poor woman at the heart of the tragedy who will wake up soon only to have to come to terms with the destruction shes caused. Not only does this matter require delicacy but it also requires compassion. There will be years of rehabilitation, counselling and psychotherapy before many of the scars can heal. At the same time though, while this was an accident the Sharia still needs to be applied and discussions are still taking place with some of the top Qudaah to decide how to proceed.

The Janazah will be held tomorrow after Fajr at Taluksangay Mosque in Mindanao.
The Janazah will be held tomorrow after Fajr at Taluksangay Mosque.

Though it is unlikely that the woman responsible will face legal repercussions for her actions, due to her age and intention, the Khilafa will need to ensure the community can be kept safe and that those effected can be helped. While healthcare is completely free within the Khilafa, extra resources are being diverted to Mindanao to ensure the highest level of care is afforded to those affected. Meanwhile, the Education Ministry in conjunction with the Ministry for Youth have been tasked with understanding this growing phenomenon and developing new policies and strategies to address the issue. They’re expected to table a white paper in 4 weeks time. In the meantime the community will be conducting a Janazah for the deceased, Taha Al Gaenz, tomorrow at Fajr at the Taluksangay Mosque. The 41 year old man, known around the region for establishing the first gold backed crypto-dinar, is survived by his two wives.

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