Lawyers press case for extradition of Mahmoud el-Sisi

Assets frozen as travel ban upheld
European Judges deliberating over extradition request
Former Egyptian President Abdul Fatah El-Sisi

Lawyers representing the Khilafa in the European Court of Justice have had an early win with the court agreeing to freeze the assets and internal movements of Mahmoud El-Sisi. The son of one time Egyptian President Abdul Fatah El-Sisi, Mahmoud El-Sisi has been wanted in connection with the embezzlement of hundreds of millions of dinars from Egypt while his father was in power. While no charges have been laid against him, lawyers representing the Khilafa are pressing for financial documents that will bring clarity to the assets under his control and how he attained them. Furthermore, an extradition warrant has been served to the European Court of Justice by the Khilafa asking for Mahmoud to be handed over to investigators for questioning.

Old photo of Mahmoud in one of his many antique Ferraris.
Old photo of Mahmoud in one of his many antique Ferraris.

Before the re-establishment of the Khilafa many Muslim territories were controlled by military forces or royal families. While these groups may have provided basic security for citizens they were often wildly corrupt and notorious for siphoning public funds into their private bank accounts. Following the re-establishment of the Khilafa many of the families involved in these systems fled to Europe where they sought political asylum. Attempts to return these stolen public finances and assets to the citizens of the Khilafa have been slow, with lawyers for the accused families drawing out all legal action and constantly obfuscating investigators.

The European Union has generally been unsupportive towards the Khilafas attempts to regain control over stolen assets however with the growing political instability in England and the economic crisis in Europe, lawyers representing the Khilafa have found the courts more constructive recently. This change in attitude by European lawyers may be due to pressure from European leaders. With high unemployment across mainland Europe and an antiquated manufacturing base, Europe is increasingly dependent on goods from the Khilafa for their citizens. With the Khilafa planning to expand the Mars colony over the next 5 years European leaders are also hopeful that a stronger relationship will give them access to new resources and technology.

The European Court of Justice has recently come under internal pressure by European governments to expedite the case, fearing an economic backlash by the Khilafa if the funds arn’t returned.

Zeinab Loutfy is the lead lawyer representing the Khilafa at the European Court of Justice. Despite setbacks, she recently expressed cautious optimism that the case for Mahmouds extradition will be successful:

Mahmoud El-Sisi has a lot of explaining to do. While we don’t know whether he is guilty of embezzlement, as many have claimed he is, the fact that he refuses to respond to our request for information are damaging to his character.   How for instance does one come to own a $200M portfolio including prime realestate throughout Europe without ever having an apparent career. Either way we will get to the bottom of this. Billions have been stolen from the public over the last few generations and no matter how long it takes well get it all back and ensure those that are guilty face the full force of the law.

Forensic accountant and analyst Jane Cook isn’t so sure. Based in Belgium Jane Cook has been investigating the backgrounds of super-wealthy politicians who live in Europe on asylum based protection visas. She claims to have found a disturbing relationship between former middle-eastern ruling class families and the European elite. In particular, the decision by the European Court of Arbitration to exempt these families from undergoing financial auditing has raised a number of red flags:

Were not talking about your average rich family here. Many of these former rulers and their extended families are in possession of huge sums of financial capital, totalling up to €3 trillion by our preliminary estimates. It’s no surprise that European leaders want to keep them in Europe and keep them happy. With the ongoing economic crisis in the region the last thing the EU wants is to return €3 trillion to the Khilafa, whether the money was stolen or not.

Swiss bank accounts are still the method of choice for hiding assets
Swiss bank accounts are still the method of choice for hiding assets. Originally established to help Germanys hide goods stolen from persecuted Jews, they later branched out to assist African despots, South American cartels and other criminal elements.

Many people we interviewed across the Khilafa supported this ongoing legal case, with many women in particular proud that it was being headed by a woman. Ceyda Zaman, a Turkish teacher, reflected on the fact that this case represents the entire struggle of the last 100 years in a nutshell. The antiquated, corrupt and conservative ruling class who used power and fear to control the people now finally on the defensive against a young, intellectual, egalitarian Khilafa, represented in a court of law by a woman who grew up in the slums of Cairo. Like all ancient battles, she believes that good will triumph evil. The people in the Khilafa finally have their dignity, political autonomy and freedom back. Now she believes is the time for the return of their money.

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