Khalifas Commentary

I was 38 the first time I was called Emir al Muslimeen. A lot of you will remember that day. The transitional shura had been in negotiations for nearly 18 months trying to decide upon one individual to take ownership of the ummah and start the rebuilding process.
I was with my family in the park when I received a text message from an unknown number congratulating me on my appointment and while it took a while for me to realise what had happened, the reality of the situation hit me very quickly as the gravity of the situation dawned on me.

Being an Emir al Muslimeen is difficult. Being your Emir al Muslimeen though is nearly impossible. To adequately represent such a large population of people who have struggled under the most difficult circumstances for nearly 15 years, unwavering in your beliefs, unflinching in your desires to create a better world, puts a lot of pressure on me. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time thinking back to that day in the park with my family. Life was easier then and my responsibilities as an individual were easier for me to accomplish with a level of satisfaction that I thought was adequate. Now however, with the weight of the ummah on my shoulders, I spend most of my prayers making dua that I can fulfill the responsibilities I have and guide this wonderful community into a positive future.

I am your Emir al Muslimeen. I represent you all, I work for you and though I have my own shortcomings and failures I know I can depend on you to succeed where I don’t. The only thing I ask in return is to protect me from my own sins and misjudgments. To hold me to account. To make sure I’m serving your interests and the interests of the ummah first before anything else.


  • This week I will be visiting the eastern regions and parts of Indonesia if time permits. My advisers havn’t determined where I will be giving the Khutbah this week but we will announce it as soon as possible.
  • My youngest daughter is starting her exams soon and I’d like to extend my wishes to all families and their children during this difficult period. Remember that your grade is important but not as important as how hard you work. I was never a great student but I can testify that hard work can unlock doors.
  • Finally, and as usual, please make dua. Please ask Allah to forgive my sins, my shortcomings and my failures. Please ask Allah to give me the strength and wisdom to lead this ummah to success. Please ask Allah to bless this ummah and grant us all the highest level of Jannah forever.

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