Repatriations for political prisoners

Government announces long term strategy for victims of government oppression

Effective immediately the Khalifa has announced that all individuals that were imprisoned for political or ideological reasons before the reunification of the ummah will be given government support in accordance with the states obligations to protect and support its citizens.  Individuals who believe they are eligible are encouraged to register their claims at their local mosque or online when the website goes live over the next 48 hours.

Muslims were routinely imprisoned for promoting political reform during the 20th and 21st century. Many are still missing today, presumed martyred.

During what is now commonly referred to as the lost years, after the fall of the ottoman empire in 1918 and before the re-establishment of the caliphate in 2046, hundreds of thousands of innocent people were imprisoned, tortured and executed by corrupt states and leaders for daring to challenge the status quo and to push for reform. The Khilafa recognises these brave heroes by celebrating their sacrifices 7 days after Eid al Udha.

For the heroes that are still with us however, their pain and loss is not forgotten. It’s every individuals duty, and the states responsibility, to make sure these people are compensated for their losses and to try to protect them from any future suffering.

Often prisoners families were also targeted to pressure people from challenging the corrupt leaders of the time.

Suriyaha Abu-Zein, 71, was only 8 years old when her father disappeared one night following his participation in anti-corruption protests. Five years later she found herself imprisoned by the same authorities when she refused to bribe her way out of a minor traffic offence. During her imprisonment she experienced routine beatings which resulted in partial impairment to her legs and a lifelong limp. Though now retired, Suriyaha said the policy is a “welcomed step forward” for people like her:

If you asked me when I was younger whether I ever thought I would spend my retirement years living under the Khilfah I would have laughed at you. If you asked me whether I would live under a Khilafah that recognised my struggles and compensated me for my pain I would have taken you for a madman. These policies reaffirm my belief that the current ruling establishments attitude towards us lesser people is unprecedented in modern times and a reflection of what I believe our great Prophet (saw) would have pushed for.

Treasury officials have stated that they will be releasing a detailed report of expected costs and contributions by the end of the week.

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