British refugee crisis deepens

Politically motivated violence on the increase
Spain calls for naval blockade

The economic situation following the collapse of the United Kingdom after the successful 2025 Scottish independence referendum has continued to worsen as European leaders call for a new approach to the ongoing crisis.

Political violence continues to escalate in England following the Scottish secession from the UK.

With high unemployment, a plunging pound and rampant political unrest the British people have for the first time found themselves looking to others for help. Furthermore, politically motivated violence around England has continued to escalate as faith in the political process remains fractured after the decision to leave the EU led to a decade long recession and the harshest austerity measures seen in living memory. This year 10,000 people have already been intercepted trying to cross the British channel in makeshift rafts with hundreds feared to have drowned and thousands unaccounted for. Thousands more have attempted to cross the Irish sea into Ireland. The European Union, pushed by far right voices in France and Spain, has called for the British government to do more to stop It’s citizens leaving the Island nation.

Despite the dangers British refugees continue to attempt to cross the Channel. Those caught are often towed back and their boats destroyed by European naval crew.

With France and Spain refusing to accept what they term ‘economic refugees’ and an increasingly hostile and xenophobic European community calling for harsher economic austerity measures, the British people find themselves In historically unprecedented territory.Gary Dutton was an IT specialist from Manchester before finding himself unemployed when his company lost contracts following the Scottish referendum. His story mirrors that of many others and shows the painful and humbling downward spiral many British people find themselves trapped in:

My life was great. I had a steady job in IT, was a proud LNP member and remember fondly the day I voted for Brexit and to leave the EU. Unfortunately things didn’t go so well after that and we soon found ourselves enduring one of the worst economic recessions in our history. Now I work down by the river looking for old cans that I can sell for scrap. I’m trying to save enough money to move to Spain where I’ve heard they’re still employing people. The EU in my opinion has completely failed in assisting us and I can’t believe how callous main land Europeans are. They’ve completely turned their backs on us. I feel very betrayed.

French Foreign Minister Le Pen

The French foreign minister Mathilde Le Pen, daughter of the former far right
President Marine Le Pen, has called for the construction of an EU funded sea wall to block the flow of refugees. Rejecting the regional violence as “typical British ‘loutism’” Le Pen has ordered the Navy to make preparations for a blockade and the forcible towing back of British boats and rafts to the British mainland.

This is nothing more than typical British behaviour and we won’t stand for it anymore. The French people have been the foundation of this strong European Union for decades now and It’s time the British matured and moved on from their aversion to hard work. They need to tighten their belts and get on with it and not expect handouts from hard working French or Spanish tax payers just because things are tough. I’ve read the reports of a food shortage but as far as I’m concerned theres plenty around. Bread and water might be boring but they won’t go hungry and if they want something tastier then they should earn it.

Naval patrols of the English Channel continue

The Scottish government has increased the intake of refugees to 10,000 more people this quarter while providing emergency housing and food supplies to the British government. Attempts by the Royal Family to call for the Scottish people to re-join the UK have fallen on deaf ears though as the Scottish Government refuses to respond to their communications. Many Scots believe the Royal Family should sell their assets before asking for help, with fury pointed especially towards Prince George, the playboy prince who continues to spend millions of tax payer dollars on a luxury lifestyle. Meanwhile officials in Belgium and the Netherlands have begun talks on restricting British passport holders travels.

The Khilafa has made provisions to allow for permanent resettlement of British Muslims within the Ummah and the first of many ships has docked in the Moroccan port of Passengers. Muslims in England who want to resettle are urged to contact the Embassy and make arrangements. The Khilafa is monitoring the situation for growing political unrest and while violence is sporadic the embassy is warning Muslims to evacuate before further societal disintegration takes place. The Khilafa has made arrangements to deliver foodstuff and medical supplies in the meantime.


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