Disabled access to Mosques must be improved

The state treasury has earmarked fundsĀ for smaller non state-owned mosques and masjids to improve accessability The Ministry for Religious Affairs along with the Department for Health and State Treasury are announcing a joint...

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Chili contest kills 5

Three in hospital after malaysian chili festival opening night local organiser fired An annual chili appreciation festival in the Malaysian city of Ipoh descended into chaos when a number of diners started to show signs of major...

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Defence minister in helicopter incident

Minister for defence brushes off bad niqab day It’s not every day that the minister for defence, Heba Qureshi, is seen in public without her trademark niqab. In fact, as far as the general public is concerned Heba Qureshi...

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VR Salat and Hajj not acceptable

Council of Islamic Scholars issues final ruling on new bid’ah After spending the last 3 months in deliberation, the Council of Islamic Scholars (CIS) has finally issued their findings on the latest technological innovation...

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Repatriations for political prisoners

Government announces long term strategy for victims of government oppression Effective immediately the Khalifa has announced that all individuals that were imprisoned for political or ideological reasons before the reunification...

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